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Our Services

  • Protection for your home:

    • Corrective service
      • One time service
      • Targets a specific pest issue-best suited when you only have one pest concern
      • Comes with a 30 day warranty
    • Quarterly Pest Control
      • Budget friendly service plan for year round pest control
        • Billed on a monthly basis automatically 
      • 4 scheduled services per year (every 3 months) with flexible scheduling
      • Extra services included for unexpected pest control needs
      • This is often the best option if you have different issues at different times of the year
    • Monthly Pest Control
      • For when quarterly pest control just isn’t often enough
    • Tick Reduction Services
      • these plans are 100% custom built for each property, so we must visit in order to give a quote for these services
        • We cannot give a quote for these types of services over the phone
      • Not all properties are suited for tick reduction service-if there are no harborages on the property, these services are not a good fit
      • No one enjoys ticks, but we aren't going to sell you a service that won't be effective
  • Protection for your business:

    • Office buildings
    • Restaurants/bars
    • Retail space
    • Hotels
    • Warehouses
    • Multi-unit housing
    • Call to set up an inspection so we can determine the best plan for your needs
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